Studying in the US – Top tips for international students

Studying abroad in the United States gives you an excellent opportunity for learning and enrichment. The first weeks are a busy time for international students, with everyone getting to know their college and making new friends. Though living and studying in a new country can be a difficult experience for anyone, with time you will start feeling more confident. Here are a few tips to get you going:

Explore your campus to familiarize yourself with your classes and visiting new friends; get your student identification card that will make it easier to get around the campus. Take advantage of the college facilities and services; use the recreation center and the library and join in student activities and meetings. Get used to American social customs; learn the right way to greet people and pay attention to your personal hygiene. Making friends is important to everyone, smile and greet when you see other students.

Living in a country where you have to use English on a daily basis can be challenging. You may not understand the local accent right away. Give yourself time to get used to it and don’t hesitate to ask others to speak slowly if you are having trouble understanding them. Since you will also have your own accent, speak slowly so that others can understand you. Homesickness is a common problem faced by most students at one point or another, be patient and it will pass. It helps to share your feelings with your friends. Most students experience a level of culture shock since they have to adjust to a new country and a new culture that is quite different from their own. But as you settle down, make friends and improve your English, you will start enjoying your life in the United States.

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