Preparing for university life in the US

For millions of students, the U.S. is the top choice for seeking higher education away from home and not surprisingly, international enrollment in the U.S attracts more foreign students than any other country. The first step to studying in the U.S is to decide what is important to you, research your choices and find a college that meets your requirements. Once you have secured a place at a college, you can start making your travel plans and get ready for the most memorable years of your life.

Your college years can be the best years of your life, where you will develop as an individual, meet new people and make friends for life. However, if you are new to the university, give yourself time to get used to your studies and the campus life. With a positive attitude and a little adjustment, you can make a smooth transition and start enjoying your student years. To help with your adjustment to student life in the U.S., most universities hold arrival orientations for international students, to familiarize them with the campus and its facilities. They even have special staff assigned as international student advisers to help students coming from various parts of the world. In addition, there will also be an academic adviser, usually a faculty member to advise you on what classes to take.

As the education model in the US encourages independent study, try to stay focused on your studies and attend classes regularly. On campus, you will find a variety of organizations you can get involved in, a great way to make friends. Most U.S. universities have international societies too, so make sure you are a part of them. To ensure a secure stay in the U.S., get covered with student health insurance, so that you can access medical care whenever you need it without worrying about the finances.

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