Safety Advice for Female Students

Studying abroad brings with it excitement about exploring a new culture and a great opportunity for personal growth. But female students need to be aware of the importance of keeping safe in a new country. The golden rule is to be more vigilant and travel around with at least one another person, as there is safety in numbers.

An essential skill while studying abroad is to be aware of your surroundings; as a first step, you can research your destination and look out for any security information regarding crime rates and travel alerts. But do not get paranoid about your safety, as there is no fun in living in fear while you are studying abroad. Students should pay special attention to the cultural norms and religious codes of the country they are studying in; find out what the acceptable dress, behavior and social gestures are, as understanding local culture will help in keeping safe. It is good to be open minded, but not to the extent of putting yourself in danger. It is a good idea to interact with students who have studied in your destination country to know about their experiences and get any safety advice.

When you reach your destination, try to locate the nearest police station and hospital; if you have any safety concerns, take them up with your program directors or university administrators. Most study abroad programs take extensive measures to ensure the safety of their female students. Get familiar with the foreign currency you will be using, it is good to carry a money belt to carry your cash and identification. Be careful not to expose your money in public; make sure you withdraw small amounts when using an ATM. Avoid wearing flashy, expensive clothes and jewelry or anything that will make you stand out. Be confident, assertive and always trust your instincts.

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